Gary Schroeder: From start to finish to what's next
March 13, 2922

By Gary Schroeder

It always amazes me that no matter the lengths of a Bike Adventure ride, the end seems so far away when we start. But then in a flash, we’re packing up to go home.

The great thing is there are a million memories jammed in between start and finish and dozens of friendships either built as new or refreshed with old friends.  
For this trip, there is the special satisfaction of working with Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders in Hammond and Sulphur, LA.  So sad that the need is so great but so rewarding to know we made as least a small dent in that need.  I loved the new perspective I got that we’re not just rebuilding houses but we’re rebuilding individuals, families, and communities.

As we closed in on the end of our journey, we began to focus on the question of “WHAT NEXT?”  Not from the standpoint of “what am I going to do when I get home” but “what can I do to continue Millard’s vision of fighting poverty housing?”

For some, that will be continuing Bike Adventure rides to raise funds for building/rebuilding as well as direct action during build days on those rides.  For some, it will be joining their first week-long build, or adding to their already impressive list of builds/rebuilds.

Then there are those who will be encouraging family and friends to join them on rides or builds so they can experience the joys those of us who have already experienced it already know.  There will also be those who will be motivated to create a Fuller Center partner in their own community so that we can increase the network of partners providing safe, secure homes for more of those in need.

Whatever form our “WHAT NEXT” may take, it’s the experience of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure ride that motivates us.  Such a blessing to ride together but an even greater blessing to continue and expand our mission.

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we love Our sponsors!

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