Many reasons riders return
June 13, 2023

By Gary Schroeder

We’re now beginning Week 3 of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure East Coast ride and it’s becoming clear there are almost as many different motivations for being here as there are riders.

Whether it’s to check of a bucket list item for long distance cycling. a chance to see a new part of the country. a reunion with old friends from previous rides, a chance to make new friends, or one of the myriad other drivers.  Whatever the reason, there are a couple things that wind up being common to additions to what we find.   
Bad weather isn’t on anybody’s list but pulling each other through a tough day creates a bond.   Seeing the hope in a homeowner’s eyes as we work on the home creates a satisfaction beyond description.   And all the shared adventures of every type create a fellowship that will bring many of us back again to share new adventures with our Fuller Family 

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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