Motivations differ, but the goal is the same
May 24, 2024

By Gary Schroeder

It’s an interesting mix of emotions as we show up at The Fauntleroy Church to begin the Fuller Center Bike Adventure 2024 cross county ride.

For some, it’s the excitement of finally getting to check off their “I cycled across the U.S.” bucket list item. For others, it’s the wondering if they’ve done enough training to be able to handle the challenges in store. For still others, it’s the thrill of being back riding with old Bike Adventure friends and the chance to make new Bike Adventure friends.

Regardless of their emotions, this year’s ride from Seattle to Washington, D.C. will provide each rider with the opportunity to explore whatever motivated them to be here in a setting that gives them an opportunity to serve. Simply by joining the ride, each rider is raising the funds used by the Fuller Center to provide safe, secure housing through a hand up, not hand out, program that sustains itself as each homeowner repays their mortgage or cost of repairs. Those funds are plowed back into funding for new projects so that the more houses we build, the more people we can serve.
The real impact is felt when we take a day off the bicycle to turn those donation dollars into actual construction work with a local Fuller chapter. When you step back at the end of the day and see a concrete difference you’ve made in someone’s life, you know the journey is about more than the bike ride. It also highlights that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and more than glad we took on the challenge no matter what our original motivation was.

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we love Our sponsors!

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