Time again to ask, "What's next?"
January 22, 2023

By Gary Schroeder

A short while ago,  during a trip-ending group discussion about impressions of the trip, the topic of what was next for everyone came up. Initially,  it centered on getting back to our REAL life or what Bike Adventure trip each of us was doing. 

As the discussion continued, the focus shifted what was next for sharing joy we received as we blessed those we served on our Build Days. Whether that was an increase in our donation goals for future rides or looking for opportunities to build for a week with no cycling involved.   
We all develop a sense of pride in furthering the work of The Fuller Center and making sure that support doesn’t end with leaving the ride to go home.  In fact,  it’s that desire to make that support continue that becomes our “WHAT NEXT?”

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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