Gather Us In

Written by: Mark E. Major

I woke up in church.

If you sleep in enough churches, you’re going to get some church on you. If accomplishing nothing else, the Fuller Center has been my salvation. After seeing the beauty of humanity unfold from the hands of God as a witness as a guest in so many of His houses along this road I have taken Him to heart. I have a church at home and in recent years made great strides in understanding His mystery through study and devotion.

I keep my own blog, so when informed that today was my turn to do so for this site, I thought I could get by with regurgitating some of my incredibly clever and entertaining ruminations already published. Then I went to services here in the Syracuse Plymouth Congregational Church, a congregation of the United Church of Christ. How humbling. I wasn’t crying; I got some church in my eye.

Instead of my words, I share those of Jim Vedder’s “Call to Worship”:

“Gather us in,

the lost and the lonely,

the broken and breaking,

the tired and aching

who long for the nourishment

held in your hands.

Gather us in,

The done and the doubting,

the wishing and wondering,

the puzzled and pondering

who long for the company

held in your hands.

Gather us in,

the proud an pretentious,

the sure and superior,

the never inferior

who long for the leveling the

held in your hands.

Gather us in,

the bright and the bustling,

the stirrers, the shakers,

the kind laughter makers

who long for the deeper joys

held in your hands.

Gather us in,

from corner or limelight,

from mansion or campsite,

from fears and obsession,

from tears an depression,

from untold excesses,

from treasured successes,

to meet, to eat,

to be given a seat,

to be joined to the vine,

be offered new wine,

become like the least,

to be found at the feast.

Gather us in!”


You can count me in.



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