Generosity lives here

Written by: Mike Scotty

I am most fascinated on these Fuller Center bike adventures by the participants, both bikers and hosts, and their varying levels of faith and contribution. The churches that host us every night along the road go to great lengths to make sure we are comfortable, often making meals for us and getting the whole congregation involved. As grateful as we are to them for the shelter and meals, they seem as or more grateful to us for the work we’re doing.

I feel a bit humbled by their gratitude, having done relatively little…I’m on a bike trip doing something I like to do. Sure, there’s the fundraising part, but that’s fairly effortless in comparison. The real work is done by the Fuller Center organizers.

Realized that today on the first build day that I have participated in. The Fuller Center people ‘on the ground’ here in Waukegan are exceptionally dedicated and do more than I could have imagined…or took the time to understand.

Evette here at the Waukegan Community Church has a passion for helping the needy and does it with what appears to be boundless energy. Her goal of providing 30 homes and the responsibility that goes with it to the homeless and veterans in need of a new start seems incredibly ambitious given the small dent we made in two of the six current home projects with our group today.
Giant kudos to the Fuller Center staff/volunteers and all they do. I’m proud to be a part of it in my miniscule way.

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