Glorious rides through beautiful landscapes
June 13, 2022

By Ron Vanhoose

Sunday was a nice rest day. Pam and I had a big country breakfast at “Grandma Sharon’s,” then walked back to the church for the 9:00 am service. It’s nice to be back on Central Time so I don’t wake up so early. A group of us went to go see the new “Top Gun” movie and we really liked it.

We left early this morning (got up at 4:15 am and left at daybreak) to try to get ahead of some forecasted rainy/stormy weather in the afternoon. We were riding 71 miles from Williston to Stanley, North Dakota. 
We had a bit of sprinkles as we rolled out at 6:00 am with hope that we wouldn’t run into any bad weather this afternoon. God provided us with a glorious ride with us all getting to Stanley without having any bad weather.  
The landscape was beautiful and God put on a fabulous sunrise display in the sky for us. There were a lot of hills to climb (some short and some long). As we climbed it would look like you would be at the top and then when you reached that peak….the hill would just continue on. 
I kept wondering what was over each hilltop, and it made me think of the old hymn, “I’ve Got a Mansion Just Over the Hilltop.”
I’m glad I know what Christ has for us just over the hilltop of our life. He said he would prepare for us a place in Heaven and it will be glorious for us…even more glorious than completing these long daily rides and even this outstanding cross country ride.

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