God filling my lungs
June 8, 2022

By Neil Mullikin

The church in Havre filled us with food and joy, surrounded us with fellowship and prayed with us before we started our journey. In the devotion to start the day, we were reminded of the analogy of a cup being overfilled.

Today was the first day of an all day headwind experienced on our journey.  The terrain was flat, but the birds were out and flying everywhere as we rode this 90 mile day.

As challenging as it made the day, it was a great experience. Riders joined together to draft, waited on each other and formed tighter teams as they took on the challenge together. 
The winds are never easy but I found the lessons of the winds are valuable to the team. The winds were tough, but as in all things provided by God, created beauty that we would not have accepted had the winds and challenges not come.  
God, thank you for filling up our lungs with the wind today.

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we love Our sponsors!

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