God sightings
June 21, 2022

By Cindy Hepp

Each time I do a Fuller Center trip I like to go into it with a specific spiritual purpose. This time it would include God sightings. I wanted to keep my eyes open to God at work and then share them with others, both fellow team members and people I meet along this journey.

On Tuesday, June 21st, we had our third build day on the trip in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. It really started the night before. Monday was a hot, humid day and the evening came with a major thunderstorm, producing volumes of rain. We woke up to cooler weather. Instead of the 90s, it was in the 70s. Instead of a muddy yard from the rain, it was sandy and well drained. This made for a more pleasant day to work with easy to walk on ground, along with a pleasant, cool breeze all day. 

Jim, the local Fuller Center chapter president, commented on how he has never had so many workers on a project. Tools and materials were available for our project of removing the old siding and tar paper, and doing multiple prep tasks before putting on the new blue vinyl. 

The team worked together like a well oiled machine getting the job done. It was a great team building/unity experience. 

For our intern Jessica, today was how she chose to celebrate her 21st birthday. She is one of the 17 who selflessly give of their time and talent for someone else. 

In this case, Robin, a single mother with three children, is the recipient of a donated home at a purchased lot. Today was the first time she and the kids were able to climb a ladder and get a look at their new home. We were able to rejoice with her, sharing in the joy of what the home has to offer: special cabinets, a walk-in closet, bay window in the front and two huge windows overlooking the woods and lake in the back. 

After our work was completed, we were invited to the weekly picnic in the park with local entertainment included. Money raised is given to the local Fuller Center chapter for building materials. The community gets involved with the Tuesday picnics, a different church supplements the meal each week, and they pour back into the community, helping families in need. What an example they are to other communities in America! 

Our presence there also increased community awareness, since the chapter more recently switched from a Habitat for Humanity to Fuller Center for Housing. 

Once we left the park, the heavy rains returned. Mission accomplished. Tired bodies, satisfied souls. God’s presence throughout.

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we love Our sponsors!

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