God takes care of us

Written by: Kim Eisenbart


Today was a picture perfect day of cycling, for me at least. We had a tailwind (always appreciated), beautiful scenery along Lake Erie, and even a rest stop at an Ice Cream shop. Along with my friend from home, I had volunteered to be a sweep today, which means we ride behind all of the cyclists and are available if anyone needs help.
It also signals to the support staff that everyone has made it through a rest stop.


Sweeping is not my favorite FCBA activity. In fact, it really pushes me out of my comfort zone. But that’s a good thing, and I feel strongly that being a part of a community means doing your part, (whether you like it or not). It has been a privilege to ride with this amazing group of cross country cyclists. They have been riding together for over 9 weeks and over 3,000 miles. They have become their own FCBA family. The morning routine especially demonstrates this. Everyone is assigned to a specific chore team.

It seems to be utter chaos at times, but it works. Just like in a traditional family, some folks take on more of the workload than others. But that, too, seems to be tolerated.

After this long on the road, their attitude has taken on an “it’ll do” attitude, which may have not been as evident earlier in the trip. I have witnessed someone sniffing a jersey to determine if it could be worn another day. And they never ever throw a morsel of food away incase it can be used down the road. I like to think they have developed a better awareness of what their priorities need to be!

There really isn’t the sense of panic and worry I have seen on other rides. I asked one of the leaders about a concern and her response was that it will work out. God takes care of us. No worries. And she really meant it!

Their collective bond of community keeps them going. Their intent and focus on the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing is ever present. And I have been blessed to be the eccentric aunt/cousin visiting for a few weeks. Thank you, Fuller Family!

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