God’s Mercy

Written by: Jennifer Wells, Blue Ride
Yesterday completes the second week of our bike and build experience. From Kellogg, ID to West Yellowstone, MT., 424 miles for the week. We had 6 days of cycling with headwind every day and some tail wind. Yesterday was the worst for the headwind. We rode 63 miles in 15-22 mph headwind and 13 miles with a tailwind. You know it is a tough day for riding when you are going downhill, pedaling and can only get up to 10-12 mph. The locals in West Yellowstone told us we were lucky that we didn’t ride in one day last week as they had 50 mph winds!

On a serious note, while riding in that fierce wind yesterday I contemplated what else I am supposed to be doing on this earth. Am I helping people in the way that God wants me to? Should I be doing something different? Or more? The Lords Prayer says “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”. How do we know what thy will is? I often find myself pondering this phrase. In seeking an answer to these questions I hope and pray for God’s mercy each day and ask him to guide me in being a better servant/shepherd for him. I say lots of prayers and talk to God while riding and praising him for the beauty he has given us. I am very thankful that I was born in the U.S.
Now for the highlights of the week were the small towns that we visited. Superior, MT., Phillipsburg, MT., Whitehall, MT., and Ennis, MT. The hospitality was great and each town had it’s own character and sparkle. Hopefully the pictures attached will demonstrate some of the uniqueness of a few towns we visited.
We also stayed in Missoula, MT., a college city. There we visited the corporate offices of Adventure Cycling. This was very cool to see and talk with some of the employees about upcoming bicycle trips.
Today is a day off so many of us will service our bikes this afternoon while others will take naps. Some took off to see Old Faithful and other tourist sites in Yellowstone.
Tomorrow we will bike to Rexburg, ID. Potato country! Our next build day will be in Craig, CO.

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