Goodbye from Geezerman

Written by: Thomas Weber

The geezerman from “geezerville,” Colorado, is retiring! I got the name “geezerman” on my first FCBA ride in 2011 during a church talk, and I have kept it ever since (adding the Colorado location).
After 8 years, 7 cross-country adventures (biking or supporting), sleeping on church floors about 475 times, riding with probably 500 people, and covering almost 30,000 miles, this year will be my last cross-country adventure. I have loved it, but I feel it is time to move on.

I want all to know how blessed I am to have had God direct me to FCBA and this awesome adventure that Ryan started and continues to keep going, and going, and going. Thanks to him for the inspiration and guidance with this adventure.
Also, I have met so many incredible people: Ryan, trip leaders, so many bike riders, so many church people, and so many strangers along the way. Then, there are so, so, so, many that have donated to help me ride, but primarily to help families in need of affordable housing. Blessings to all I have met on this incredible adventure.

To my biking friends: keep making friends with the head winds, the hills, the cold, the heat, the pot holes, the truck tires that leave those wonderful steel belted wires for us to pick up with our tires, and even the cars that try to run us off the road. While at it, make friends with all you come in contact with, remembering to wave with all fingers showing.

Until we meet again, always ride with a smile.

Peace to all,


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