Written by: Beth Batchelor 


People from home sometimes think I’m insane when I tell them what I’m doing. People think 75 miles a day for six days in a row is impossible. However, I’m constantly amazed by how even the hardest of days don’t seem quite that hard.
It’s not because I am in shape. It’s not because I trained for this ride. It’s because of the people I ride with. When you have the opportunity to pedal alongside someone for 70 plus miles day in and day out, you are given an immediate gift of friendship. It’s a friendship that goes way deeper than the surface. I’ve had conversations time and time again that have challenged me, encouraged me and made me reflect on my life. Conversations that spur me on to be more of the person I am called to be. Syracuse, New York is my final destination for this summer. However, my eyes aren’t set on the destination. My eyes are set on the journey each and every day because I know that is where I will grow the most. That opportunity for growth is what gives me energy and strength every day. And that growth is why I keep pedaling.

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