Haikus on My Ride

Written by: Elisabeth Sherwood, Blue Ride

Act One:

Farewell, small, sad town.
Hello beautiful sunshine
And jagged landscape.

Rocky outcroppings.
Muted desert colors are
Perfect for mornings.


Act Two:

Oh, we have been warned
Of challenges up ahead.
We remain steadfast.

Rolling hills begin.
But where is the downhill?
Instead, purple sage appears.

Act Three:

Surely we can descend?
Yes, you may. For a moment.
Then the climb steepens.

Lo! The winds quicken!
We are aided in our quest.
Three cyclists leapfrog.


Act Four:

We have caught the wind.
The brush morphs against to gas.
What does it matter?

Earthbound no longer,
We feel as one with the sky.
There is nothing closer to flying.

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