Halfway there for the Blue Ride!

Written by: Mike Weiser, Blue Ride

After yesterday’s 102+ miles and riding up Rabbit Ears Pass, today’s 62  mile ride from Walden,  CO to Laramie, WY was a breeze.  As of today, we have reached the  midway point as far as riding days go.  We will surpass the halfway point as far as distance goes this coming Monday. Monday is also a special day for me as I will surpass the 10,000 mile mark riding with the FCBA.

This is my third consecutive year as an all-the-way rider.  I have ridden on bike trips where you camp or stay in a motel, as far as I am concerned, this is the best way to travel.  If you are thinking about doing a cross-country ride or even joining for a segment or a day, I highly encourage you to sign up for a FCBA in the future.  They have the best SAG imaginable.  If there is a hilly section you don’t think you can complete or you are just exhausted, the SAG vehicle is there for you and no one is going to second guess your decision.

It is hard enough to put together a single riding event, so to split the group into two and make everything seamless is quite an accomplishment. A special Oyee to Ryan, Connor, Lindsey, Macy, and all the other individuals who worked behind the scenes to make this event a truly rewarding experience.

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