Halfway through Seaside 2 Sebago
June 23, 2022

By Carrie Daiker

On our way across the United States, we’ve reached our halfway point in miles!

Today we traveled 97 miles to Duluth, Minnesota.
Warm sunshine to ride in this morning along with
Only a light wind, which was refreshing.
Traveled past some woods that didn’t 
Have any leaves.  A forest fire on our left.
On the right a beautiful thick forest.
U wouldn’t believe our second rest stop.  On both
Sides of the street  we could look at the Mississippi River.
Animal statues of an eagle, antelope, moose, and bear representing
Native animals you’d see locally in the woods.  Coming
Down a big hill we had a scenic view of a
Massive body of water, beautiful Lake Superior.
Included on our journey through Minnesota we saw many more feet dipping 
Lakes of Minnesota which the state has 10,400 to enjoy.
Every mile graced today with God’s beauty and might.
So, I’ve got a question for you… 
How about signing up and joining us on a bike journey??  We would love to have you along for an adventure you’ll not forget! 🙂

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we love Our sponsors!

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