Happy 4th of July!

Written by: A.J. Haney
The Fuller Center Family,
Family is what we are, a group a people living together, seeking a common goal.
We know each other’s names, family histories, ambitions, dietary choices, cycling abilities, fresh laundered clothes, waking and sleeping habits as well as bathroom habits (lol) and accept each other just they way we are.

It has been said that you can pick your friends, but not your family. Which is certainly true on this adventure, very few of us came here with their best friend or biological family member joining us, but here we are working together to encourage each other to “keep on pedaling”. Coming together in chore teams to get daily tasks completed. Comforting each other when bad news comes from home. Working as a team to accelerate a pace line forward. Staying with your ride buddy on the uphills and the downhills. Exploring new cities and towns with each other. Lending a hand when a team member has a flat tire. Celebrating small victories together. Painting, building, weeding, cleaning, cutting, cleaning and carrying loads together on build days.
As we celebrate the 4th of July with our Fuller Center Family, we are thankful for the freedom we have to travel this great country, from small towns to big cities. Thankful for the kindness and love shown to us from all parts of the United States. Thankful for the freedom to come together as individuals from all parts of the world, with a common goal; to do our part to end poverty housing everywhere.
I am thankful for my Fuller Center family members and want to wish each of them a wonderful Fourth of July!

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