In Church All Day

Written by: David Aderholdt, Blue Ride
Today’s ride was a sweet 100 miler with almost a mile of climbing added in to spice things up! Woohoo! We came to ride! The spectacular views in Heber with snow on the peaks to the South were inspiring as we began our ride this morning. We were in the church of God today, the chapel of nature, all made with His hands, crafted from His understanding of beauty and all that is good. Never have folks felt closer to Him than when in the presence of such majesty that He Himself made. We had our team church service last night because we knew we would be riding all day, but the ride itself was spiritual.

Then once we started arriving at the school, looking for a hot shower and a chance to stretch out on our thermarests and take a short break, we instead found the place locked up tighter than a drum. Macy and Jennifer put in calls to everyone (including the mayor I think!) and after 2-3 hours someone came and let us in. Then the laundry team sprung into action taking all our clothes down the laundrymat for a good wash and dry. Well the wash part went well, the drying less so, but it was not for lack of trying! (Disclaimer here, I am part of said laundry team).
Prior to joining up with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, the longest distance I had ever ridden at one sitting was 55 miles. Now that seems like a medium distance at best. Today was our third 100 mile day so far on this trip across the USA and it feels good to have it finished. The tailwinds were awesome. Like I said, we were in God’s church all day.
Sincerely yours, David

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