It’s about the people

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth
I joined this version of the Fuller Family in West Yellowstone, on Sunday for the next two weeks.   The past three days have been among the most challenging of my Fuller experience.   (and this installment will make the 13th week I have had the privilege of riding with these folks).  

      Several days before I joined them, they endured snow and sleet and cold rain.  
And this week has been all about wind.  Head winds.   Strong.  
       Today I was humbled.   I have a shoulder issue, which hasn’t been much of an problem.   Until today battling the wind.  I was hurting and thanks to many wonderful people in this group, I GOT IN THE VAN  at rest stop three.  You see, I am a stubborn fool sometimes and I came out here to ride my bike so getting in the Sag wagon was not an option.   Until today.  
     And what did I learn from this?  It’s not about the bike.  It’s about the people.  And the relationships we make.   And about letting other people help you when needed.  And being grateful.   
      And I only have 20 minutes until lights out.   

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