Riding with my "Fuller Family" restores my faith
June 14, 2023

By Jackie Rouse

Each new day brings a new adventure with FCBA!

Today we awoke to open air in the American Legion Hall Post #17 in Lewes, Delaware, and are closing our day at Seaville United Methodist Church in New Jersey. Although we didn’t build as planned, Michele tells us we’ve made a real impact on the community, raising awareness of The Fuller Center for Housing and that is a huge part of our mission!

We crossed the beautiful Delaware Bay on the Cape May Ferry and then rode 24 miles to the church, mainly via serene bike paths.  The weather was fabulous, and I again thank God for all He provides!  As we ride from community to community and church to church, it restores my faith in humankind as they reach out and share their food and accommodations so selflessly and bountifully.  

This is my 6th ride with what I refer to as my Fuller Family as we share many of the same values, goals and beliefs. The main goal being to end poverty housing worldwide and the overlying one to serve God by serving others!  Interestingly enough, it is modeled to us each and every day in the kind words spoken to us, the churches we sleep in, the showers that are provided for us and the food prepared for us. The acts of kindness have a ripple effect that cause other acts of kindness, so let’s do our part to keep the ripple going and continue to make the world a better place — be it one home at a time or one kind word.  

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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