James Hartman: Working hard to beat the rain
March 5, 2022

By James Hartman

Today was our second day working at Miss Jackie’s house. We were thrown a curve when we first arrived. We needed to finish putting up the siding but were told we first needed to put up an additional rafter to support the roof. This took a team of 4 of us almost the entire morning. 
Once the rafter was up we had the siding up pretty quickly. 
And with rain in the forecast, a second group worked feverishly to finish preparing the roof and putting a tarp over it until it can be shingled. 
So in our 2 short days we were able enclose the back of the house (minus doors and windows) and do enough to protect the roof so no water would get in Miss Jackie’s house. 
And sweet Miss Jackie apologized to us that she couldn’t cook us lunch because she couldn’t get to the store. 
The last 2 pictures are a house in the neighborhood with a tarp over the roof and a picture of Miss Jackie’s before any rebuilding work began. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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