By Jeff Sayers

We left Pastor Randy and Parkway Baptist Church In Houston MS close to 8 a.m.
These folks made us feel so welcome and important but also made us feel like old friends.

We had another huge breakfast for the 76 mile journey to Kosciusko. The weather was perfect for bike riding and the wind was more in our favor than it had been. Our sweeps of the day were Juan and Mike. After about 5 miles the large group of riders started to spread out as the faster riders took off in front.

The rest stops were great and just the right distance apart. The last stop had a small hiking trail that started at one end of the parking lot and ended at the other end of the lot. The trail had several cypress trees to enjoy and a couple of small bridges to walk across. In 5-10 minutes we were back at the parking lot so the trail was very short but a nice change of pace from riding. Only a few people walked it that I know of.

This is where Pat abandoned his driving duties to ride the last part of the parkway. Arriving into town was hill after hill and I wondered how high up this town was because every turn was more hill. Man was I tired. We all had our showers and another Southern cooking style meal made by one of the church members. We wrapped up the night with a presentation by a woman who works with the park service and her focus is on bike safety since she lost her husband in a bike accident on the Natchez Trace.

She is trying to educate local people about bikes and the road rights they have. She is trying to make the Trace a safer place to bike. Well it’s after 9 and almost lights out so ends another day with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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