Jehovah-Jireh: God will provide
May 30, 2022

By Jeff Gabriel

According to the 1971 hit song from the Carpenters, rainy days and Mondays “always get me down.”

As we prepared to leave on our first ride of week 2, the day was dark, dreary and cold and the weather forecast was for rain for much of the morning. We had a long 103 mile ride ahead of us to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. It reminded me of the old Carpenters song. 

Within the first 10 miles, one of our riders had two flats, and had no additional spare tire.  We made several time consuming attempts to get him going, to no avail. By this time, it had been raining and we were cold and way behind the rest of the group. It sure looked like the Carpenters might be right.

But just when it seemed like we were left with only bad options, a local in a beat up pick up truck stopped behind us and asked if we needed some help.  “It would sure be great if you could take our rider and his bike up to our next stop – but that’s about 15 miles up the road,” I said. The driver said he was going in the opposite direction, but would be willing to take him there.

WOW – this wonderful man would do that for us – and our great God provides!

As it turned out,  the rain cleared out, the day warmed up, and we had a great and scenic ride. And tomorrow will be our next build day.

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we love Our sponsors!

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