Rocky Mountain High
June 29, 2023

By Jim Hartman

I was too tired Tuesday to tell you about the day’s adventure so I’ll do a 2-day update today. 
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we tackled a beast of a mountain at the beginning of the ride. It took us almost 3 hours to do our first 20 miles and averaged 7.3 mph. Today we started off downhill and finished over 24 miles in an hour and 15 minutes!
Tuesday – A Beast of a Climb 
We cycled over Independence Pass. The road followed the Roaring Fork River most of the way. The top was at 12,000 feet and we were above the tree line.  There was still snow on the ground.



Coming down the mountain, we went through some small towns. Here’s the general store in Twin Lakes, population 23!


Here’s the view in my rear-view mirror coming down the mountain. 

Wednesday – Saying Goodbye to the Mountains 
Today’s adventure started with a 20+ mile ride along the Arkansas River. 

In between our two long climbs of the day (one of 5+ miles and one of 8+ miles) we had amazing views of the mountains. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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