Jim Kruse: A productive stop
July 21, 2021

By Jim Kruse

Jackson Hole overflowed with tourists…but our stay at the First Baptist Church was inspiring, productive and restful
On arrival night, Assistant Pastor Karl led the evening service filled with music (Gospel of John), while members of the church served us a delicious dinner-then donated the offering to the Fuller Center!
Later that night Pastor Ray helped a young tourist, whose camping gear was lost by the airlines, find a place of shelter (would have let him stay at the church if it wasn’t full of Bike Adventurists!).  Our days off were filled with trips to the Teton National Forest, hiking, window shopping, bike cleaning and car washing. On our last night, SAG Driver Julie hosted her own farewell dinner-we miss you Julie!
The ride to Idaho Falls starts on a bike path…(no wrong turns-YAY) that leads to the longest climb of the adventure so far…the climb hits double digit grades, but falls short of the steepness of the Monteagle climb in TN.
We grind it out climbing through the overcast-looking back it appears to be a blanket of snow over Jackson Hole…some spot a family of moose, I only encounter an elk that bounds across the path, stops long enough for me to snap a photo…probably laughing at the slow pace I’m grinding up the hill…But once we summit we descend to Swan Valley and follow the Snake River…it is mostly downhill all the way to Idaho Falls…

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we love Our sponsors!

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