A nice long ride into Crystal River
Jan. 11, 2023

By John Heath

Today’s ride was an 84 mile ride which is the furthest ride so far on this adventure, and we went from Cross City to Crystal River, FL. 

I was definitely not as well prepared for the weather as although it started out with 43°, it quickly dropped to 40° once we entered the Nature Coast State Trail which was a nicely paved ride through a wooded area.  For me, the major highlight of this trail was a wooden bridge that crossed over the Suwanee River.

After the first rest stop, the weather started warming up quite nicely, and I enjoyed riding past the horse and cattle farms. On two separate occasions, the cattle were running and appeared to be racing us as we continued along the route. I also saw a couple of long-horned cattle, but they were not interested in racing.
We continued going through the Goethe State Forest which appeared to be filled with pine, and cypress. I thought what an unusual name for a state park but then when I thought about it, I thought of the words “Go Thee” as in go thee into the world …. and that is what we are doing in part on this trip, and I am thankful to be here and am looking forward to more of this great adventure 

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we love Our sponsors!

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