Changing gears as needed
June 7, 2023

By Jonathan Barringer

My name is Jonathan Barringer & this is my 4th Fuller Center ride!

We rode almost 52 miles into Roper, NC. Our group stayed at a volunteer fire station about 1-2 miles from the bridge that crosses the Abermarle Sound. One of the showers was leaking bad so a few riders made a makeshift shower outside. Some other riders drove to a nearby condo and asked some homeowner if we could use the outdoor showers there. They obliged.

We slept all throughout the volunteer fire station. I stayed in the weight lifting room with about 8-10 others.

Later that day, I asked if I could come along to help out with laundry since they would be coming into Edenton. My idea was that while that was happening, I could walk to downtown Edenton and visit an ice cream store there. My grandma lived in Edenton so I wanted to visit the places I used to go to as a child. After starting laundry, Dan Hepp said he would take me there in exchange for buying him some ice cream. I happily said yes!

We parked downtown and before going to the pharmacy/ice cream store, we stopped by a general store. We unfortunately had another rider fall inside a church a few days ago and break her arm. We were looking for a box to ship her bike in. We walked to the back, and after a few minutes of chatting, the employee opened a brand new bike, took it out of the box and let us have it. Talk about God!

We stopped by Blount Pharmacy for some ice cream. I ate cookies & cream. We rode by the Edenton farmer’s market. We turned around and stopped there for some goodies. After that, we went back to the laundry mat, finished laundry day and drove back to Roper. We ate some BBQ for dinner and met some of the owners who we would be working with the following day. One of our media interns gave a quick speech about the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure right after dinner.

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we love Our sponsors!

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