Just Breathe

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth, Orange Ride
Greetings from Kellogg, Idaho!

First, let me thank you.  Biking in the Pacific Northwest has been on my bucket list.  I even teared up when we started riding out of Seattle.  The scenery and the people around me surpassed my lofty expectations!  I thought ourSunday ride was the best day of biking ever.  And then we biked Monday up and over Steven’s Pass, which made Monday the best biking day ever. Monday only held the title for a few days.  Friday’s ride along the trail into Kellogg was superb, and for me, was the bestest day of biking ever!

Today has been our first “rest day” of the trip.  I find it quite appropriate that I was chosen to write the blog for the day.  You see, before this ride, I was working non stop.  I had NO balance in my life.  I knew my situation would change and that I had to just survive the past few months.  And I did.  But.  I honestly cannot remember how to “chill” and just relax.  I believe it was our second night together when two of my fellow riders chastised me for being fidgety and impatient.  And they were right.

     So today I enjoyed not being on schedule and not planning our next item on the calendar and not trying to squeeze too many things into an absolutely glorious day.  Instead, I did yoga and went to church and rode a gondola to the top of the mountain.  I am learning to live in the moment and absorb the details around me.  I am spending time getting to know new and interesting people.

     Riding a bicycle long distances in this supportive Fuller community is resetting my priorities.  I feel this change even after a week, and I see it in my fellow cyclists.  Narrow road shoulders and long distances tend to spread us out which leads to alot of “solo riding”, even if we are in a group.  My friend from home calls long quiet biking  “power washing for the brain”, which describes it perfectly, at least for me. If I can just let go, my mind wanders and has a way of sorting things out.  I spend a great deal of time talking and listening to God while on my bike.  Admittedly, I need to focus more on the listening.

      Thank you, FCBA, for reminding me to “JUST BREATHE”.  I am so very grateful.

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