Life is Good

Written by: John Nugent, Orange Ride 
Hallelujah, we reached Salt Lake City today and the end of segment 3. We
have now exceeded 1,300 miles and over 40,000 ft of elevation gain
with one third of the trip complete. Today the ride consisted of cloud
cover for our morning climb which later turned into welcomed light
sprinkles and later in the day the sun came out to beat down on us up
for the last couple of hours. I feel very lucky getting to know our
amazing group of folks and to be doing this ride with my daughter.

Especially wanted to thank our trip leader, Connor for all his hard
work for making this journey so successful. I know he is putting a lot
of work behind the scene that most of of don’t see. Also, wanted to
thank our support crew: Jessica, Nicole and Noori for all their work.
In addition wanted to thank my donors for their generous support and
wanted to let you know that your money is truly going to a worthy
cause with very little money going to administration fees. Life is




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