Living Simply

Written by: Topher Saliba

“Living simply so others can simply live.”

This is the motto to our living conditions on this adventure we have embarked on as a group of strangers who grow together to become a family.

As every day goes by I realize how good this group has it. How we don’t have to think about when we will have our next meal, or where we will get water next. We take the privileges of civilization for granted and during this adventure we come closer to the simple life others live on a daily basis. It sounds odd to pay to sleep on a floor, or to wonder where you’re going to sleep the next night and even what you’re eating for your next meal; when instead you can stay home in the comfort of your own bed for free. Although this sounds odd, its extraordinary! The experiences you have disconnecting from gaming, TV, and other distractions we encounter in our lives are life changing and in reality they’re priceless. I sit here writing this thinking how next year I want to do that much more of this adventure of living simply.





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