Written by: Sara Dobbs, Orange Ride

A song that’s been playing in my head and in my heart these past two days is U2’s “Magnificent.” We rode a little less than 88 miles today from Missoula (one of my all time favorite cities) to Philipsburg, MT. After an early start in brisk temperatures we were treated to another stunningly beautiful route. The absence of an intimidating mountain pass along with feeling more relaxed and comfortable in week two has enabled me to take my eyes off the white line more often to fully absorb and marvel Creation’ splendor.

The ride into Missoula as well as out of it was filled with views of rushing rivers, birds soaring above bridges, snow capped mountains, and miles and miles of Montana’s “Big Sky.” Looking up, I agree that the heavens are declaring the glory of God. My heart is full of gratitude for every breath it takes to push the pedals a little further to see what awaits us around the next turn. It is truly “Magnificent” to be and feel alive.


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