Making every day an adventure

Written by: Brianna Kelly 


Today after the ride, I took a hike behind the church and took a trail led through what seemed like a rainforest down to a bridge and gorgeous waterfalls. We enjoyed climbing around on the rocks below and marveling at the beauty of God’s creation. That something so different from the city could be hiding behind the church was mind blowing. This little side adventure reminded me of a conversation I once had with the trip leader Connor. What I pulled from the conversation is that there is challenge and growth and vulnerability all around us. Often the unexpected within the familiar holds the most meaningful adventures. Adventure can be found anywhere, but sometimes we have to slow down or get off the beaten path. Talking to a teammate we usually don’t converse with, slowing down to help a team-mate fix a flat, taking a picture, going on that trail we saw off to the side… the list goes on… These are opportunities for possibly the best kinds of adventures we will ever have. In the everyday, mundane hum-dum grind of biking from church to church, let’s keep our eyes open. May we all strive to make the most of every moment, realizing that adventure is always just around the corner.


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