Bittersweet next-to-last day of the journey
August 4, 2023

By Marty Merkt

Today is kind of a bittersweet day, it is our next to last riding day on this trip.

We rode close to 90 miles today and are about 50 miles from the finish. It all feels kind of surreal, having spent 2 and a half months with all these wonderful people and going thru all what it takes to make a crossing of the United States on a bicycle.

It is something that I will never forget. Neil our trip leader passed out our stickers to apply to our bikes for making the crossing. Tomorrow we arrive In Wilmington, NC and have the opportunity to dip our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean. 

We started our day with rain, but it eventually cleared up and we had a chance to ride down the Cape Fear trail thru some pretty cool bridges. We showered in a local Fire Department and the captain showed off some of the fire fighting equipment and described it to us. 

I can honestly say, I’m going to miss all these early morning wake-ups, and all the wonderful camaraderie that we all shared over these last 10 weeks. 


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we love Our sponsors!

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