Michael Schuck: Mother Nature provides a window
June 25, 2021

By Michael Schuck

Greetings from the north side of Kansas City, Missouri.   We rode 76 miles from Northside Christian Church in Warrensburg to Northland Cathedral.  The weather forecast called for rain throughout the day with a high probability of headwinds for the first half of our ride.  When we got up and looked outside this morning it was raining steadily.  All of us anticipated being wet throughout the day. 

However, as we gathered for our devotion and prayer prior to taking off the rain lessened and stopped.  We left Northside Christian Church on time without rain and a tailwind.   The ride was much more pleasant than we anticipated in spite of a few flat tires and wheel issues.  At the start of the ride the sky was overcast and dark but by the afternoon there were patches of blue.  At our second rest stop at St. Margaret’s of Scotland Catholic Church Jim, the driver of our support van, was given a $50 donation by a man that was curious about what we were doing.  Once in Kansas City we bicycled past Arrowhead Stadium

Anna, one of my fellow riders was anxious to finish today’s ride as her boyfriend, Logan, was flying into Kansas City in the early evening to meet her.  Within a couple of hours of finishing the ride the skies opened up and there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain.  Because of the thunderstorm Logan’s flight was delayed but he did arrive about three hours late. 

`Throughout the day we were blessed by the window of dry weather to ride in, the tailwind, the donation and Logan’s arrival.  Hopefully God will provide many more blessings as we ride on towards Florence.

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