Mind Games

Written by: Diane Bies, Blue Ride
Today started out warm and very humid in Wheeling, WV.  Thank goodness we have had that weather at home a lot this summer before I joined in Springfield,OH.  However, we do NOT have hills like we saw today at all!!!  I enjoyed the first big climb as it reminded me of a bike ride to a winery in Oregon this summer with my daughter. It had a lot of switches to it with somewhat level spots mixed in with the heavy duty climbs. However, the next two major climbs were just more than I was up to mentally today. I “proudly” walked the second half of the second climb and most of the third one. My mind was just not grasping the concept of working that hard today.  It really is a mind game after all.

But it was a beautiful day and I did not sag in thanks to Nate’s insistence that I should see the power plant by the river just after the last rest stop.  We had a lot of wonderful shade thanks to the back roads we were on in the morning and the trees on the side of the highway in the afternoon and some intermittent cloud which came together sometimes. It was truly enjoyable to ride in the back of the pack with the sweeps hot on our heels but being so kind all the same. This is such a great group of caring people.
We were greeted, as usual, by a welcoming church. They made an amazing spread for lunch including some of the best beef steak tomatoes of the summer! There were several pots of soup, sandwich fixings, veggies, and fruit. It is so wonderful to have so many options and then an amazing dinner as well. Tomorrow morning they plan to come in early to fix us breakfast also.  We are definitely spoiled some times
Sadly we have only three more riding days left before our arrival in DC.  Tomorrow we will ride a rail trail into Cumberland, MD for 100 miles.  The best part is that it has a very slow gradual climb for the first 80 miles and then a 20 mile downhill to the church.  We have been told there is shade, beautiful scenery, and little ice cream shops along the way.  Should be fun!

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