Mind your Mission

Written by: Bruce Peltzer 

This is my second year riding with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, so I’ve had the chance to reconnect with friends from last year and make some new ones. And this  years logistics presented some challenges that are new to me (notably, bike shipping). But the core purpose and organization of the Adventure remain unchanged and still impress me… People from all across the country (and even beyond), of a wide range of ages and backgrounds, working together to address the issue of poverty housing.

FCBA designs routes that are reasonably direct, hopefully safe, and that allow for Build Days with local partners. Local organizations host us, providing a home for a night (or two). Ride leaders provide the detailed routes which we’ll follow each day. Interns document the journey, transport gear (and maybe a few riders), and keep us fed and hydrated en route. Even among the riders, we have roles to play each day, whether setting out breakfast, cleaning up at the host facility, loading the trailer, or “sweeping” during the day’s ride. And, of course, we get support from friends, family, and congregants as we raise funds to support the Center’s mission.
I expect to see that same sense of team as we head out today, on what will be my first Build Day. The local Fuller Center has identified needs, qualified beneficiaries, and specified work to be performed. The riders will be an extra set of hands (or 20 sets of hands) to accelerate the process. And I assume we’ll have some staff on site to coordinate the day’s efforts and provide any more technical skills needed for the work.
In that sense, the Build Day should mirror the ride itself… a team pulling together as part of a bigger effort. But I’m truly excited for the Build Day, as a chance to see the mission come to life, both in the form of physical improvements and the family who will benefit. That should really help bring home, for me, the bigger purpose of this event and the Center.

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