Much More Than A Bike Ride

Written By: Renee McCullough

We began today’s ride after hearing the story of the Rag Man for our morning devotional.  In this story, a man trading “old rags” for “new rags” takes on himself the sorrows, physical wounds, and addictions of others in order to give them hope, healing, and freedom – and eventually dies as a result.  This is a simple but moving analogy of what Jesus did for us by taking our sins on himself so that we might have new life in Him.  It was also a good reminder on this mid-point of the ride of our main purpose – to give of ourselves to others as we serve in Jesus’ name.


As we made our way back to the Natchez Trace, the weather was cool and cloudy and looked like rain was coming soon, but we enjoyed an entire day of no rain.  We had a good day of riding, though many of us were somewhat tired from yesterday’s ride of 90+ miles.  A few miles down the Trace from our starting point, I noted with interest a sign for “McCullough Boulevard.”    After we arrived at our host church, Parkway Baptist, some of us got a second wind and put in about 14 miles extra on the local Tanglefoot Trail, a nice wooded rail-to-trail.


This is my second ride with the Fuller Center and I continue to be amazed at how God can bring together such a diverse group as ours and unite everyone with a common cause and passion for serving others.  Much more than a bike ride, the Bike Adventure is about doing what you don’t think you can do and going beyond your limits, both on and off the bike.  The spirit of family and community – doing for others and  bearing each others’ burdens  – makes this a unique experience that has truly changed my life and the lives of everyone involved.

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