My Thank-Yous

Written by: Mike Wieser

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ryan Iafigliola who’s brainchild it was to create the Fuller Center Bike Adventure; to Lydia Huelskamp, our ride leader, for all the behind the scenes work that goes into planning and coordinating such an adventure; to all our wonderful hosts who have opened their doors to us; to our SAG Team who is there to keep us nourished and hydrated and to provide a lift if our body says no more; to my fellow riders who in such a short time have become like family supporting each other in every imaginable way. Finally, I would like to thank not only my donors, but to everyone who has contributed to the FCBA in an effort to eliminate poverty housing…and to folks like Joey Hernandez, a complete stranger, that Curt and I met at the rest stop as we crossed over the Arizona border…who was interested in what we were doing and reached into his wallet and donated to our cause.

For this Alaskan, the first segment’s distance or terrain was not particularly tough. What was hard for me was dealing with the late morning and mid-afternoon temperatures as we crossed the desert. It was great to have a rest day in Wickenburg to rest and recover as we continue our journey bright and early tomorrow.


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