My Two Weeks on the FCBA

Written by: Bob Hibma, Orange Ride

I joined the 2016 Fuller Bike Adventure from Seattle Washington to Washington DC riding two segments between Lincoln Nebraska and Peoria Illinois, and then on to Indianapolis. During the first segment we were treated to a good old-fashioned Iowa thunderstorm with heavy rain, strong winds and small hail thrown in for good measure. Most of the riders were able to find shelter but I was with John who had never experienced a thunderstorm before as he lives in California. We were out in the open and by the time we had dropped our bikes and grabbed our rain jackets we were soaked to the skin. I knew that we needed get off the high road so we would have less chance of being hit by lightning so John & I got down in the south ditch which provided a “little” protection from the north wind. Thankfully two line men came by with their pickup and gave us a ride for the last 5 miles to our host church.
Experiences like that make the Bike Adventure memorable, but what separates the Fuller Center Bike Adventure from any other bike ride I’ve been on is the friendship and camaraderie that is built with each of the riders. Not only do we ride together but we live together in the churches where we stay at each night.

Another thing that separates this ride is devotions we have each morning as we circle up before we leave. Many of them really open their hearts to tell us how Lord has worked in their life. The build days also give us the opportunity to work together. On our last build day, part of our group was able to complete a project in 4 hours that would have taken the local Fuller chapter several days. It is a simple thing that is much appreciated.

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