A Perfect Day for Cycling
Monday: April 19, 2021

By John Nugent

Day 3: Collinwood, Tennessee to Dennis, Mississippi. 58 miles with 1,811 ft of elevation gain.

Today was an absolutely perfect day for cycling. The pastor of Collinwood Freewill Baptist Church generously bought the group breakfast at the local restaurant. 

Ride began in the high 40’s and we shed that warm layer by our first rest stop. The grades were very manageable and were less than the 2 previous days.

Just after crossing into Alabama we stopped at the impressive Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall. Tom Hendrix has spent more than 30 years building this wall in honor of his great-great-grandmother, who was part of the American Indian removal to Oklahoma.

Shortly after crossing the mighty Tennessee River we arrived in Mississippi. The roads are in excellent condition and had light traffic. The lush green forest gave way to some meadows with wildflowers and marshy areas. This day was truly a perfect day for cycling.

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we love Our sponsors!

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