Nearing the End

Written by: Sue Pratt, Orange Ride

What a blessing that it is my day to blog today! Connor opened the day with a devotion that really touched my heart. I have known Connor for since last year’s bike trip. I also have been on eight of the bike trips, experiencing each of the five leaders.   Connor has truly been a stellar leader. He is extremely passionate, transparent, inspirational, confident and always remained calm. I am so touched by his love for the Fuller Center, his words of wisdom, his wit and his charm. Thank you Connor for all you have done. You do not realize how many lives you are transforming, not only the lives of those we offer a helping hand to, but to the lives of each of us. I think of the days we have had tough terrain, labyrinths of bike paths, inclement weather and injured cyclists. Nothing seems to discourage you. You resolve all with such grace and charm, sometimes designating things to others, other times, resolving the issue by yourself. Yes, Jessica you have been his shoulder to lean on. Thank you as well. I am getting to the point on this trip where I realize it will soon be over. The memories will remain forever. Yes, you could be in an office designing some new device or holding a meeting.   but, you have a chosen an unordinary path, a path that lives the definition of success.


Now, about today’s ride, what a challenging day. It was both physically and mentally demanding! It was a 69 mile days with over 4500 feet of climbing, but that was not all. We truly experienced the “adventure” part of this ride today. We cycled through construction, over prelaid chip seal (the roughest of road surfaces), up and down winding hills/mountains, on shoulders covered with gravel, on gravel roads that had a considerable grade, and on confusing roads. However, the beauty of that which was around us completely made me forget about how challenging the day was. As Jackie, Connor, Henry and I rolled in, the Lutheran church had an array of all types of food (sandwiches, homemade soups, fruit) that we gorged ourselves with. Then, Jackie and I walked the downtown. We saw some memorials for 9-11, the courthouse and the beautiful Romanesque churches. The city truly has character! I love it. Then the ladies served us a spectacular dinner, all of which was homemade (lasagna, Mexican casserole, chicken Alfred) and so much more. The kids’ group sponsored it all (and even helped in the kitchen). I must say that I am sorry to leave Uniontown. It has really made me feel at home. Thank you Uniontown. Thank you Connor and Jessica. Thank you Fuller Center Cyclists. I love you all!

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