Neil Mullikin: Celebratory look fits this Adventure
June 6, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

Saturday was a remarkable day. As a group we had the opportunity to work on a home and partner with a family here in Americus. As a whole group, we combined our talents with the help of the local Fuller Center to lay hardwood flooring, complete yard work, some drywall, and various other tasks which really ramped up the progression of the house. It’s hard to imagine 20 individuals coming together, clicking, and dedicated to a mission accomplishing as much as was completed.

This work filled our hearts while St. John’s Angelican Church filled our bellies with brisket, homemade goodies and great company. Lunch allowed fellowship with members, the partnership family, the Snells, along with various members of the Fuller Center to show us some Southern Hospitality.

In the evening we had a member decorate the back of the church with a string of rope and clothespins that hung between telephone poles. Hanging from the pins were our silverware. Handles glistening with our classic orange, as a rider decided to repaint the handles that have faded over the years. Just like Christmas lights hanging over the holidays, the Fuller Center Bike Adventure appears to be celebrating. Yet, it’s all a part of this year’s story as we work out of COVID and share our adventures across the country. Thank you Americus, this town is wonderful, and on Monday, hello Columbus we look forward to the new memories.

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we love Our sponsors!

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