Neil Mullikin: Adding friends along the way
June 12, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

The day started off with the illusion it was going to be a cool, cloudy, and foggy day, but it turned out to be anything but. The fog was thick and the air dense as we made our way out of Monteagle heading towards Murfreesboro.

Christ Church was extremely warm and receptive. We were able to listen to the organist practice the night before, meet locals come by to say hello and even had a gentleman offer to sell us military surplus while I was taking a walk on the road after the ride.

The Bishop of the church shared the history of the church and a little bit of history about the 4 Chaplains, which I encourage you to look up. We not only met new and exciting people, it seems we have added friends who encouraged us on the ride.

What we rode up yesterday, we rode down today and it was fast. Steep descents started in the clouds and emerged into sunny skies. The smells of fresh cut grass and a few less hills for all of us was a nice change from the days prior.

It did warm up to the 90’s and the heat of the ground was even warmer which served as a reminder that summer is here so hydrate, take it easy, and the adventure is still just getting warmed up.

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