Blurred Reality: Is it the end or the beginning?
August 8, 2023

By Neil Mullikin

As we concluded this journey and I began to depart Wilmington, I began to process the adventure and the takeaways. The hardest part for me is to think, what lessons did I learn, and what should I adapt into my everyday life? I was put here for a reason.  

In reflection and in hindsight I have the opportunity to appreciate events and people even more. Without going into the specifics of every rider and support, I wanted to give a general overview.
When we initially began this journey, we were short support drivers, and to an extent, we were still short for roughly a week and a half. Yet, the beauty of this was that, I had a rider and a former rider both come out to help and allow me to ride and others to ride. In a world that often promotes self gratification and focus, this is humbling and impactful to see people serving. I overheard one support driver say, “I can’t bear the thought of riding almost entirely across the U.S. to have to drive at the conclusion.” I wanted to help.  
Others flew across the country to help in segments and drove their own vehicle to serve the community. They gave their resources to help friends they knew, provide encouragement along the way. I can’t thank our support enough.
Riders, too. I saw riders, who stepped up to help other riders. Encourage each other over challenges, and take on tasks that many saw as bigger and bolder than many they have taken on before.  
Of course, there are always challenges of community living, but as we continued, the unique puzzle pieces of each and every rider trying to fit into our community eventually came together and made a beautiful picture of its unique community that worked together to serve a common purpose. 
I want to thank everyone who participated on this journey together. Each of you made an impact in the lives of many. Our memories, the memories of those who served us, and the memories of those we served will forever be enriched for this mission.

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we love Our sponsors!

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