Neil Mullikin: Mixed feelings as we near the finish
August 4, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

Only a couple more days of riding. As we ride our days, it’s remarkable how all of us have changed over the course of this ride across the US. Riders have come together to form strong bonds from various parts of life, in addition to the realization that we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our journey to day has been a continuation of a downhill journey out of the high plains and mountains that have challenged us for several weeks. In some ways, it’s exciting to see, yet in other ways, you almost want an incredible hill to climb just for that push to the finish line and test our abilities to see how much we have improved physically.

Today we arrived in Eugene Oregon and are here at the Central Presbyterian Church. Our hosts, as with so many others, have been overly gracious. Tonight they are going out of their way to prepare dinner, invite their friends tonight for fellowship and a dinner, and even gathering again tomorrow for breakfast to serve us cheesy eggs. The churches and the people have been such a blessing along this trip.

Only around 80 miles to go and have mixed emotions on the ride. Excited to wrap up 3750 miles yet having to realization that I will have to say, a short farewell to new friends (until we ride again). Although, many have said, their may be a surprise reunion on the Tour de Florida. Looking forward to the surprise on any of our rides.

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