A perfect way to end a week on the Trace
October 12, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

This trip from Tougaloo College to Natchez was a sunny and beautiful ride. October became a nice time to ride that section without a threat of a storm in sight.

There were a lot of fears leading up the 104 mileage day, but ultimately, it became a day where most grew their sense of confidence as they rode either their first century or for some, their longest day ever. It was such a nice way to finish the week as rider’s celebrated the completion of the Trace and this epic journey.

Wildlife was not as prevalent as we typically see in the spring, yet, we had the opportunity to experience the occasional deer, and a number of box turtles crossing the road.

I know some missed this ride and we missed them, yet we also had an opportunity to meet some new riders and new support that really made this trip special. I’m also sure some have created some life long friends that we hope will expand that relationship beyond. It was exciting to see riders realize that other Fuller Center Riders actually lived close to one another and can now bond in their local communities as well.

So this note to conclude the ride, really is both an invitation, a look back, and a reflection. This event, as we ride something so special, is something all of us will take forever with us and it’s up to us to see how/if we implement it into our lives. Therefore ending the day with a 104 mile ride really was a nice conclusion as we all accomplished something big, and collectively as a group. To all who shared in that journey; the churches, school, support, riders, and donors, thank you. We need all of you to make this trip possible.


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we love Our sponsors!

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