New adventures on each 'Groundhog day'
June 10, 2022

By Gary Schroeder

There are jokes made over and over about the “Groundhog Day” movie aspect of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure trip. In many respects, the comparison is very fitting. 

Every morning, it’s get up, eat breakfast, get ready to go, and hit the road. Every night, it’s hit the showers, eat dinner, maybe do laundry, get ready for tomorrow, and head to bed.

Pretty soon you lose track of what day it is, what town you’re in, or where you’re headed tomorrow. I don’t know about others but if you ask me about the trip, I can tell you EVERYTHING we’ve done but if you asked me where we did any of it, I wouldn’t even attempt a guess.   

It’s funny how days can be so much the same but so filled with new and exciting adventures. There is new scenery around every bend or over every hill. There are new towns to explore, new people to meet and new challenges to rise to (like distances you never thought you could ride or hills you never would have believed you could climb).   

I feel like it’s this combination of the familiar with the new that contributes to the wonder of the Bike Adventure. Those adventures, when shared with your Fuller Center family, become cherished memories similar to those experienced by members of the military or sports teams. No matter how many years have passed, a get together with your Fuller family will be filled with recollections of “do you remember when…?”

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