New friends for life
July 30, 2022

By Neil Mullikin

We started as strangers and left as friends for life. Our trip to Portland was a beautiful combination of perfectly planned events.

When we began our journey across the United States, we did not know how it would go. Many of the routes were new, half of the riders new to the Fuller Center and some apprehension that had many riders pushing a little harder as no one wanted to hold another rider back. Yet upon conclusion, we began with a police escort, relaxed pace, and the realization our trip was about to conclude.

Families greeted us, the Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center cheered us on, and the smells of the Atlantic soon entered our souls. The Atlantic in Maine never felt so refreshing.

It’s sad to see so many of my new friends head home, and I hope all feel welcome to return in the future.

Looking forward to the next Adventure and the opportunity to have new riders return as veterans.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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