Newbie to FCBA

Written by: Alice Myk


We have completed three weeks of our 10 week adventure. Once I got over the cozy creative sleeping arrangements and laundry duty, the fun finally began! Riding my bicycle everyday is so relaxing. Then, add the beautiful landscape and you have a perfect day!

The second reason I wanted to join FCBA was the build days! We had our first build day back in Kellogg, Idaho. We split into groups to work at three different sites. I was assigned to the “mold house.” Kay, the owner, is fighting cancer. Once we arrived, they gave us masks to wear for our protection. The house was vacant, making cleaning up easier. The first task was the remove two layers of very old carpeting with padding throughout the living room and two bedrooms. The second pad was glued to the wood floor which became a challenge to remove. The local Fuller Center brought us some tools and we scrapped and scrapped to remove the padding. While I was removing the padding, others helped remove very old moldy wood from the basement, including wood shelves. They then started applying a bleach mixture to the basement walls to fight the mold problem. We also removed old wallpaper from one of the bedrooms. I was amazed at how fast the day went by, but there was still more work to be done. Kay was very happy with what w had accomplished in a single day and I felt proud to have worked and helped make a difference for her.

Pretty much everyday we are staying at a different church at night as we make our way across America. I am so moved by the kindness and generosity from these church families. They have opened their doors to us with little hesitation. Many have even made us dinner including dessert, others even make us breakfast in the early morning before we take off on our bikes.

As I ride my bicycle, I have seen so much of our great country and have meet so many incredible people. I am so blessed to be on this journey. Thank you Fuller Center for including me. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Ride on!

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