No such coincidence
July 20, 2022

By Neil Mullikin

At the time I am writing this blog, I am thinking about the powerful devotion we heard today. A word that was used was coincidence. The point was that there is no such thing. I agree with the conclusion.

At times leading a bike adventure, navigating life together and keeping each of us in unity can be tough. I believe everyone here was put here for a specific reason and a specific purpose. The insight and direction of that is not always apparent but as with a stew or a puzzle, each of those pieces come together to make something rather beautiful. It is not a coincidence this group came together.   
Not only do we look at riders in this way, but also connections with churches, tasks and so much more. Yesterday we landed in Newton Falls, New York. Immediately Pastor Dave and his wife Judy welcomed our group with open arms. What I didn’t expect really made an impact on my day.
They welcomed us to their home, allowed us to have some relaxing time on a lake, and for the first time on this trip I had an accidental and uninterrupted nap.  It was needed and so necessary.
God puts people in our lives for a moment and at times for a lifetime. Pastor Dave and Judy were put in all of our lives for a moment of time where they were most needed and I can’t thank them enough for all they did for the group both big and small.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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